Victoria Hearst

Miss Victoria Hearst was born in San Francisco, and raised in Hillsboro (south of San Francisco). Victoria is the daughter of Catherine Campbell Hearst and Randolph Apperson Hearst. Randolph and his twin brother David (not identical) were the youngest of five boys born to Millicent and William Randolph Hearst. W.R. Hearst, the only child of George and Phoebe Hearst, is best known as the head of a media empire and creator of the famous estate that was referred to as “The Ranch” by W.R. and “Hearst Castle” by the millions of visitors who have enjoyed visiting the site since it was donated to the State of California by the Hearst Corporation and Millicent Hearst in 1953 after W.R.’s death (1951)....Read more

History of Cosmopolitan Magazine

  April 1937

April 1937

Today's Cosmopolitan Magazine has nothing in common, in look or content, with the original magazine that was created in the late 19th century by a company called Schlicht & Field of New York. Named The Cosmopolitan and first published in 1886, it was a wholesome family/women's magazine.

Mr. Paul Schlicht assured his readers that his magazine was a "first-class family magazine" and "There will be a department devoted exclusively to the concerns of women, with articles on fashions, on household decoration, on cooking, and the care and management of children...Read more